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M G University Fine Tune Your English : Model Question paper for Part1

 Fine Tune your English Model Quuestion for Part A

part 1
fill in the blanks with appropriate phrases
1)I am busy_____
2)___________ the boy put  on a smiling face
3)_____________it has a solution
4)The movie was____________
5)They must return_____________
6)Everyone was____________

Choose the appropriate auxiliary verbs from the following .
(have, do ,be ,did, has, had, is)
6)I ________breakfast at 9 o'clock
7)_____You finished your homework ?
8)I_____three brothers and two sisters
9)The lamp ______on the table
10)How much ______that dress ?
11)He_______ medicine
12)He________ it very well
13)I_______ believe that he is a fraud
14)The car ______ repainted
15)They ______repainting the car .
16)I ________travelled extensively in America.
17)He________ to remain there till morning.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of tenses.
18)she_______[ sleep] in the class
19)He _______[speak] 4 languages
20)oil ______[float]on water
21)the fat boy ______[ sleep] in the class
22)we _______[live] in Bangalore
23)why are you ______[stand] there ?
24)He is______[ cook] his own meal .
25) The temple_______[ stand] on the top of a hill
26) I_______[ read] the whole of Shakespeare
27) I _______[pass] the NET
28) Cancer _________[continue]to be a problem
29)The president ______[die]
30) I_______[ live] among the eskimos.
31) I________[ type] 3 pages since lunch time
32) He ________[stand] there for half an hour
33)we______[ wait] for this news.
34)That Cathedral______[ stand] there for two centuries.
35)you_____[ suffer ] for this.
36)He______[ go] to buy a car
37)Last time when I saw you you_____[ go ]to start a bank.
38)He ______[finish] his work by 10 tomorrow.
39)He______[ come ]anytime now.
40)The government ________[promulgate] an ordinance against child labour.
42)The depression ______[weak] and___[ move] in a north easterly direction.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles .
43)He did not tell us____ word about his marriage.
44)____ cup and saucer fell from the table.
45) This is ____Rembrant
46)  I met him_______ year ago
47) He lost ___ear in a quarrel.
48) I have____ FM radio .
49)_____rose is____ beautiful flower.
50)_____ man who was  riding ___bicycle along the  Country road stopped at___ restaurant.
51) he is ____professor.
52) Man is a ____social animal.
53) I read in ____Hindu that my friend has been 
selected for the young scientist award.
54)  his residence is in ____high  ranges.
55) A passage from ___Bible was read out.

Use the correct prepositions to complete the sentences.
( in, on, into, after ,with, up, from, down ,under, about, two,of, for)
56) He is ___Newman's Cafe.

57).Thee party started __time because the guests arrived___ time .
58) He is ____the city
59) He congratulated me _____my success
60) He is dreaming____ becoming a scientist
61) He is angry____ me
62) we are anxious____ the increase in the crime
ratio .
63) she is anxious ____ it to happen.
64) she died____ hepatitis.
65)The property is yours ___right.
66)The chain is made____ gold .
67).Cider is made ___apples.

All questions are set from the text Fine Tune Your English. These questions are prepared after a long interaction with the authorities and teaching faculties of various colleges under MG University. I am pretty sure that if you spare few minutes to go through the text to find out the answers, you can score high in your semester 1 exams.
For answers, wait till the next sample question gets published.

Joseph, Mathew. Fine Tune Your English. Orient Blackswan Pvt. Ltd. 2010. Print. 

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