Fine Tune Your English Model Questions from Phrases; Sure Questions for Exam

Model Questions from Phrases

Answer all the questions
Each question carries 2 marks .

1)Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrases

 (a) _____________the boy put on a smiling face
(b)_______________ remember that there is a better way of doing it

2) Convert the given sentences into simple one using a Phrasalconstruction.
(a) when he woke up, he found his horse gone.

3) Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrases.
(a)______ it has a solution
(b)_______ proceed slowly

4)Replace the underlined phrases with a single word ,without changing the meaning.
 (a) He is stood at the door with his hands resting on his hips.
 (b)John was taciturn shy and lacked the courage to face people.

5) fill in the blanks with appropriate adverb phrases
(a)____________do not mention your personal needs
(b)______________ he visited his neighbours for the last time.

For answers refer your text