A Review of Fine Tune Your English Chapter 2 Phrases- simplified notes

Fine Tune Your English
Chapter 2 - Phrases;  what are they?

What is a phrase? 
  • A phrase is a group of words that is meaningful but lacking a finite verb,  though there may be verbal elements like the participles . 
  • It is not complete like a sentence . 
  • It does not have a Subject and predicate of its own.
  •    It can function like a noun or an adjective or  like an adverb.

Characteristic Features of Phrases
  • phrases are more compact than clauses. 
  • It does not have a finite verb; some are totally verbless.
  •  If you use in the place of a clause, it will become more compact and due to this many good writers prefer Phrasal Constructions.

Disadvantage of  using  Non -Finite Phrases
Non finite phrases  have some deficiencies;  the use of a phrase in the place of a clause can sometimes lead to Ambiguity

Different types of phrases
1 Noun phrase
A Noun Phrase is a word or group of words containing a noun or indefinite pronoun as  the head word or subject of a sentence and object  

2. Adverb phrase
An adverb phrase is simply two or more words that act as an adverb. It can modify a verb, adverb or adjective and can tell why how where when an action occurred
. ex. Meet me at the mall
      They must return before dusk.

3 . Adjective phrase
    It is a group of words that describe a noun or pronoun in a sentence . The adjective in an adjective phrase can appear at the beginning, end or middle of a phrase.  The adjective phrase can be placed before or after the noun or pronoun in a sentence
ex.  The ride was too terrible
      Everyone was extremely sad

Expected questions.
1. what is a phrase?
2. what is a noun phrase?
3.what is an adverb phrase?.

1. Joseph, Mathew. Fine tune your English. Orient Black Swan pvt.ltd, 2010. print.



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