UGC NET Coaching Module I: Post colonial criticism Set 1

This is a humble attempt in providing guidance for aspirants of UGC /CBSE NET Examination in English Language and Literature. Here i have listed a few questions that have been repeated often in the previous years. The questions listed here were asked for various PSC Exams like HSA/ HSST/  KERALA PSC LECTURER IN ENGLISH and other competitive exams conducted by the state like SET EXAM / KTET EXAM etc. 
1) who is the author of In other worlds?
     - Gayatri chakravorti Spivak
2) Name the author of The Empire Writes Back?

   - Bill Ashcroft(1989)
3) who wrote Nation and Narration?
   -Homi K Bhabha(1990)
4) who is the author of Culture and Imperialism?
- Edward Said(1993)
5) who coined the term Hybridity Postcolonialism?
  -Homi K Bhabha
6) who is the author of Third World?
     -Alfred Sauvy
7) Who is the author of Not without Laughter and The weary Blues?
- Langston Hughes
8) Who is the author of the works Black Boy and Native Son?
- Richard Wright
9) Who is the author of Their Eyes were Watching God  and Dust Racks on a Road?
- Zora Neale Hurston
10) Who is the author of the works Go Tell it on the Mountain and The First Next Time?
-James Baldwin

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