The Buzz

The Buzz

It is getting close by ;
Rapping on-
the casements of my ear.
Impudent intruder,
digging, piercing  and,
eating up the crux .
He enters the hirsute plains;
The rocky crust explodes,
Spurting a fountain of memories.

The buzz,
foaming at the mouth,
Turns me deaf- 
to the voices crying and
Calling my name.
Dense white icy flakes
drizzle dews in the air.
Warmth of gentle touches
 fades into coldness.

The river recalls all her tributaries;
the meteoric  bustle of warm blood rushing to cross the frontiers,
My beloved's frail kisses that;
falls like hailstones on my forehead ,
and,his burning sighs that knock
against the dewy  walls of my throat;
hasten to melt into,
a drop of tear or
a cold whimper.

The buzz is drowning the heck.
The drum is beating against the walls.
The flashback is on;
My first joy,first love,first kiss-
first sorrow,first tears;
Shoves in like a slide show.

Some are nailing my head
Some are nursing my wounds
Some are picking the worms out of me;
Everything moves, fades and slips
into loud scream,
And the buzz is heard no more.

           ©copyright Sreelekshmi M 2016