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Does it Matter by Richard Leaky summary

Does it Matter

  Today we are facing a serious global ecological crisis unlike anything human kind has ever encountered.It is not because of how our ecosystem functions, but because of how of ethical system functions. The present crisis is one that can be called as a systemic crisis ( a systemic problem is one that cannot be solved in isolation, as it is related to the overall system), and it owes largely to our foolish acts

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Chapter 50: Passivisation


Simple technique to convert active voice into passive

Normally the passive voice is characterized by the occurrence of a form of auxiliary verb 'be' + past participle of the main verb.

In a given sentence if the form of be occurs just before the past participle form of the main verb, it is said to be in passive voice.

So Passive voice = be ( any form of be) + past participle of verb

So now just have a look at this and try to identify the sentence in passive voice.

What is Science? by George Orwell: simplified Notes and Summary

What is Science? by George Orwell: simplified version.

George begins the essay “what is science?” with  the mention of a letter from Mr Bijoy Stewart to cook which got published in The Tribune. The letter was indeed Cook’s personal opinions and suggestions for avoiding scientific hierarchy. The solution offered by Mr Cook was :

Titles of Works in a Research Paper: Capitalization and Punctuation .

Titles of Works in a Research Paper: Capitalization and Punctuation .

when you cite the title of a published to work in your research paper , take the title from the title page  and not from the cover or from a running head at the top of a page. Never reproduce any unusual typographic characteristics such as special Capitalization or lower casing of all letters .

Research methodology notes

Research methodology notes
chapter 4
The format of the Research paper
Always leave margins of 1 inch at the top , bottom and on both sides of the text, except for page numbers.
Indent the first word of a paragraph one -half inch from the left margin .
Indent set -off quotations 1 inch from the left margin.